Intel Asks For A Lawsuit


7 Apr 2011
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Intel’s paid AMD a truck load of money and Nvidia was served just a couple weeks ago. Now it is your turn. Intel said it is shipping its flawed Sandy Bridge 6-series chipset to PC manufacturers again. Buy a flawed PC and sue.


You wonder what is going on behind closed doors sometimes. The company confirmed that it has resumed shipments of broken 6-series chipsets again that may cause the performance of SATA-connected devices to decrease or entirely fail. According to Intel, this will be the case in 5-15% of all chipsets shipped and about 8 million have been shipped to motherboard builders so far.

Apparently, the company has given a green light to use those chipsets and even confirmed that it is shipping flawed chipsets again, due to demand – and only for PCs that are not affected by the issue, which means that certain SATA ports cannot be used. We are scratching our heads over this one as the recall appeared to be designed to avoid a later recall logistics mess and especially a nasty lawsuit, which we all know will be coming as a matter of legal tradition in this country.
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