Intel announces the Xeon E7 v4 family of processors; offer enhanced performance


21 Jun 2013
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Intel announced the Xeon E7-8800/4800 v4 family of processors on June 6. The Xeon family of processors is primarily a workstation and server platform for enterprises. The current iteration claims to offer 1.4x better performance and at the same time, only consume half the power of a comparable IBM Power8-based solution .

Discussing the capabilities of these processors when subjected to demanding workloads, such as those involving real-time analytics, Intel says that the E7 line-up will handle 2 times the number of queries as their aforementioned IBM counterpart. These processors also boast of the largest supported memory capacity per socket, which can go up to 24TB in 8 socket systems.

The platform is claimed to offer much greater reliability and to offer reduced latency when dealing with virtual machines.

Intel suggests that companies with “data-driven insights” are twice as likely to perform well financially, and also 5 times more likely to make faster decisions.

The updated platform also claims to include “more than 70 reliability, availability and serviceability features” that ensure increased reliability and significantly cut down on server downtime. Advanced error recovery mechanisms have also been incorporated for enhanced data security.

Also included are a suite of security features that ensure greater system and data integrity and better encryption performance. Resource handling is made smarter by incorporating a number of features that offer “deeper visibility and control over shared platform resources.”

Intel announces the Xeon E7 v4 family of processors; offer enhanced performance and features Tech2 Mobile
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