Indians Prefer Business Focused Apps : Nokia’s Global Study

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3 Nov 2010
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According to a global study from Nokia, 58 per cent of smartphone users in India believe apps truly benefit their lives, relying on them while at home (31 per cent), traveling (24 per cent), or at work (10 per cent).

The research shows that it isn’t about the number of apps people have, but about finding ones that are the most useful.

65 per cent have up to 30 apps on their smartphones, with a fifth (21 per cent) saying that they delete all similar apps from their handset if they hear about a better one.

Regional Highlights:

North India key facts

· Four in ten in the north of India (43 per cent) download music apps – more than in any other Indian region.

· 27 per cent of those in north India use utility apps with 12 per cent of people citing that they could not live without them.

· 22 per cent of people in north India are regular apps users and use the apps on their smartphone up to three times a week.

East India key facts

· Keen socialisers, those in the east use social networking apps the most (39 per cent).

· 65 per cent of those in the east like to download apps because they feel that they will benefit their life.

· 51 per cent of people from the east frequently use the apps on their smartphone at multiple points throughout the day.

North East India key facts

· 35 per cent of people in the north east download games so they can entertain themselves during the commute to and from work.

· 29 per cent of people from the north east download educational apps – higher than any other Indian region.

· A quarter of people in the north east (25 per cent) use almost all the apps they download on their smartphone.

South India key facts

· 40 per cent of southerners make sure they tell as many people as possible when they find a great app.

· Almost a third of those in south India (32 per cent) use the apps on their smartphone mostly at home, whereas a further 29 per cent use them mostly while commuting to or from work.

· 23 per cent of southern Indians mostly use gaming apps – the highest of any region.

West India key facts

· 16 per cent of those in west India download finance apps – higher than any other region.

· Almost four in ten of those in west India (38 per cent) mostly use music apps.

· 38 per cent of west Indians would rather use a travel app than a guidebook.
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