India To Be World's Third Largest Internet Market


5 Aug 2011
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According to the jointly published annual I-Cube Report, by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB (a research company), India will have a 121-million strong internet user base by the end of 2011. Back in September of this year, India's internet population stood at around 100 million users. Currently, in terms of the size of the internet market, China takes the pole position with 485 million users and the U.S comes in at second position with 245 million users.
The report stated that around 5-7 million internet users a month were being added to India's existing internet user base. While India will be ranked third in terms of the overall internet user base, with the current growth rate as specified in the report, India is expected to overtake the US in the coming few years. The report also went on to state that, of the 121 million internet users, 97 million of them will be active users - folks who use the internet at least once a month.

The report further stated that, "100 million internet users (are) considered a critical landmark for the country. With this internet use in India is expected to enter a critical period of growth with the possibility of becoming the largest internet using country in the world in this decade."

The figures stated in the report are encouraging and point to the continued penetration of internet services across the cities, towns and villages in India - the report has shown that 37% of Internet users are from small towns. If the current growth in the internet userbase, and the concurrent development of related infrastructure, can be sustained in the long run, the aim of providing Internet access to the masses will come that much closer to fruition.

source : pc world
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