India hockey captain Sardar Singh's fiancee accuses him of 'attempt to rape'


24 Mar 2015
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In a startling revelation that can
shake the roots of hockey in India,
India captain Sardar Singh has been
accused by his long-time girlfriend
of 'attempt to rape' in a complaint
filed at a police station in Ludhiana.
The girl, who also claims to be
Sardar's fiancee, is an India-origin
Britisher who visited India recently
to file the complaint, which she did
on February 1 at the Kum Kalan
Police Station in the Ludhiana city.
She also accuses Sardar of
"blackmail, mental harassment and
physical harassment."
However, the complaint - the
receipt of which is in possession of
IBNLive - is yet to be verified by the
police, who haven't lodged an FIR
yet. Ludhiana police commissioner
Paramraj Singh Umranangal has
reportedly ordered an inquiry into
the complaint.
Sardar, who has been leading India
since 2012, is himself a deputy
superintendent of police in
The girl, who is a hockey player as
well in the UK and met Sardar
during the 2012 London Olympics,
says that she and Sardar got
engaged but then he refused to
marry her.
She claims to have even visited
Sardar's family at his native village
in Sirsa and alleges that he is now
"betraying" her.
"I and Sardar have been together
for four years and I am his he is betraying me,"
the girl told ETV. "He used to love
me a lot earlier, but now I am
heartbroken. We should have been
married by now but he is now not
even answering my messages or
phone calls for three months.
"I don't want to speak about his
hockey career. I have no issues with
him focusing on that, but what he
has done to me is wrong," she said.
"What's happening is not good. I am
also a daughter and sister of
somebody, and they are upset as
She said that when they got
engaged at Sardar's village, his
family too was in attendance.
"Sardar's family was there [at the
time of engagement]. My parents
and family couldn't come, but they
had given their permission," said
the girl.
Calling Sardar a "fraud", she said he
even lied to her about his age and
"He has done fraud with me and
also lied about his age. He told me
that he is a Jatt, while I am a
Ramgarhia. Now I have lodged a
complaint, and the court will
decide," she said.
The UK girl went on to accuse
Sardar of something as serious as
physical abuse.
"Yes, blackmail, [he has caused me]
mental harassment, physical
harassment," she said, adding that
he even tried to threaten her. "He
said, 'I am a DSP and India captain,
you being a foreigner can't do
anything'," the girl claimed.
She is reportedly flying back to the
UK after filing the complaint and
says her family is with her in the
step she has taken against Sardar. India hockey captain Sardar Singh's fiancee accuses him of 'attempt to rape', police complaint filed-HNews - IBNLive Mobile
Wont Form Any opinion of mine till we hear both sides

here is the second side sayings-Under-fire India hockey
captain Sardar Singh on Wednesday
rubbished alleged sexual
harassment charges leveled against
him by a British hockey player of
Indian origin, saying even though he
knew her they never got engaged as
claimed by the woman.
The 21-year-old woman has filed a
written complaint with Ludhiana
police, claiming she has been
engaged to Sardar for the past four
years and alleged that he "mentally,
physically and emotionally tortured"
"I know her but it's wrong to say that
I assaulted her," Sardar said.
She also alleged that Sardar forced
her to abort their child last year
against her wishes and later refused
to marry her. Sardar said these are
serious allegations and he will retort
back at an appropriate time as he is
presently focusing on the ongoing
Hockey India League, where he is
captaining the Jaypee Punjab
Warriors side.
"Presently my full concentration in
on the ongoing HIL. After last night's
match, I came to know about the
allegations. Tomorrow I have a
match again. It is a very serious
allegation. I will look at the report
ans consult my lawyer. I will answer
all questions but I need some time,"
he said.
Asked whether he got engaged with
the complainant, Sardar outrightly
denied it, saying: "Nothing like that
happened between us."
In her complaint to the Ludhiana
Police Commissioner P S
Umranangal, the woman had accused
the veteran midfielder of "mentally,
physically and emotionally"
torturing her.
The 21-year-old, in a startling
revelation, has also claimed that
Sardar, whom she met during the
London Olympics in 2012 and has
been engaged to him for the past
four years, also forced her to abort
their child in 2015.
"We have been in a four-year
relationship which was known to all
in India and abroad. I met him during
the London Olympics and he finally
proposed to me during the 2014
World Cup in Hague. He then invited
me to his native village where
Sardar and his family formally
initiated the engagement," she
"After this me and Sardar were
expecting our first child in mid-2015.
I spoke to him regarding this and he
said sorry I don't want to have the
child and you must abort it
immediately otherwise I won't
speak to you and there will be no
"So under pressure and with him
also threatening and blackmailing
me physically and emotionally, I
aborted our child under the
consultation of my parents. After this,
Sardar abandoned me," the woman
further alleged.
The complainant said she filed the
FIR to make public Sardar's fraud and
the injustice which she has meted
on her.
"I filed the FIR because Sardar has
resorted to fraudulent means. He
lied to me, cheated me, physically,
mentally and emotionally abused
me," she said.
"It has come to the point now that I
need justice as a woman. If Sardar
has any self-respect, he will call me
or contact my lawyers. I have full
faith in Indian law and Indian
judiciary," she concluded.
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