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Independence Day Apps for BlackBerry Smartphones

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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The Independence Day is just few days away, which is the right time to bring out the patriotic side in you. Here are some themes and wallpapers to decorate your phone screen that will make you celebrate your memories.

Independence Day Apps for BlackBerry Smartphones

Indian Pride Theme (US$2.99 / Rs. 111)- It consists of a complete design of all standard icons from the OS 6 and animated home screen for the 9700 series smart phones.
Tri-Colour Independence Day Theme (Free) – It has 5 wallpapers, beautiful icons, custom battery and Signal meter that makes you show your patriotic feeling towards your country.
Indian Flag Live Wallpaper (US$0.99 / Rs. 37) – Bring your home screen to life with this animated live wallpaper of the Indian Flag. This live theme showcases the flag of India waving in the wind and makes the perfect background for your phone.
India Flag Theme (US$0.99 / Rs. 37) – It features BlackBerry 7 icons, an HD background with an India flag indicator for all your incoming messages and missed calls.
Download these themes and wallpapers and celebrate the Independence Day like a proud Indian.

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