IDAPT To Launch Eco-Conscious i1 Eco Dual Charger


7 Apr 2011
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Till today we have to carry different chargers to charge our different electrical gadgets. But here comes the new charger invented by IDAPT Eco i1- the universal dual charger which can prove as the best solution for power hunger devices.
Until now multipurpose chargers such as IDAPT i3 were available. Beyond this the company had recently extended it level towards eco-friendly view. This dual charger has been designed concerning the environmental issues and can serves as power supplier to more than 4000 variety of devices.

I1 eco is dual charger as mentioned earlier through which any two devices can be charged- one using its tip and other through the USB. The main attraction in this tip is that it is interchangeable and can adjust to any device. On the other hand this charger is featured with “auto –off” facility which switches on and on when the charger is in use or not and is also provided with the re-start button to start it again.

The charger is made up of recycled materials. This has gradually avoided the risk of use of chemicals in it and has also made it easier to get recycled at the end of its durability. It has also met Energy Star Standards. Using this charger I-phone. I-pads, Android phones. PSP, GPS systems can be charged. The USB tips used are also interchangeable with different sizes micro and mini along with phone chargers.

This universal charger is also available as wall charger as well as car chargers to make the device more adaptable in daily usage. The power supply to this charger is as our regular charger and its cleaning is also easier . the retail price for this dual charger is about 24.99$ and is directly available from IDAPT.

The main features of this charger are:

- It minimises user’s carbon footprint

- It is considered as long lasting product.

- Can be used foe many devices due to its interchangeable tips.

- It is Eco-friendly without any chemical painting.

Thus the i1 eco is considered as the future product by its manufacturing team with its ecological view.
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