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iBamboo iPhone speaker


7 Apr 2011
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If you’ve ever grabbed a cardboard paper towel tube and talked through it, you know the tube amplifies the sound of your voice. A new iPhone and iPod touch speaker works in a similar way by using a hollow one-foot piece of bamboo to give you a sleek-looking iPhone speaker that’s eco-friendly and electricity-free.

The iBamboo works in the same way as many non-powered iPod and iPhone speakers. It simply amplifies the sound by letting it reverberate off the walls of the bamboo and out of two different ends, creating a stereo effect. The bamboo itself produces a natural resonance that amplifies the sound of the built-in iPhone speaker. The sound won’t be anything great. There’s no EQ controls or anything, but it will allow your iPhone to play its music a little more loudly.


Source: geek.com
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