HzO might bring waterproofing technology to iPhones and Samsung phones


12 Jan 2012
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HzO might bring waterproofing technology to iPhones and Samsung phones


The next-gen of Samsung Galaxies and iPhones might just be the one you could take with you on a swim. If all goes well, a technology called the HzO might surface on these high-end phones.

But for making your phone waterproof you might not need any phone case or even a sealing agent. The technology, it seems needs to be implemented during the manufacturing process itself. HzO spawns a tiny film on the insides of the device, which makes sure that what never reaches the insides. Zagg, the company that has come out with the technology showcased it at this year's CES, by repeatedly dropping devices in a tank of water.

"The immense interest from media and potential customers at this show is strong validation of the strength of our technology and market timing for HzO, WaterBlock will change the way electronics are used." Paul Clayson, president and chief executive, HzO was quoted as saying.

It seems by showing the technology at CES, every high-end manufacturer seems to be eyeing it. While in the past we have seen products like the Motorola Defy Plus and the Fujitsu Arrows Tab, but they have been one of a kind. With HzO, this technology is expected to reach a larger audience and get into our everyday life.

But the thing that really amuses me though is, while this technology does take care of the normal spills or downpours, I wouldn't rate it as a must-have. I mean, protection, for sure. But what else? Its not I would actually take my phone to a swim. And even if I do, it wouldn't be of much use, as I wouldn't get any signal! I mean if they could make phones break-proof, that would be a different thing altogether.

Getting back to HzO, I respect the endeavor behind the technology, but, I hope and pray that it does not add to our rising smartphone costs just to add this feature.

That's it. Over to you. What do you think of HzO?

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