Breaking Hurricane Irma wipes 2 tiny Caribbean island off the map


31 Jan 2017
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Category 5 hurricane hammers Puerto Rico with 185mph winds after destroying 95 per cent of tiny Barbuda and St Martin, killing at least seven.

Hurricane Irma started hammering Puerto Rico with 185mph winds and heavy rain late Wednesday
The category 5 storm reduced the islands of Barbuda and St Martin to rubble with deadly destruction
Roughly 95 percent of homes and properties were destroyed on both Caribbean islands
At least six people died on the French part of St Martin, while a two-year-old child died in Barbuda
Irma blacked out much of Puerto Rico and left at least 50,000 people without water
Irma was following a projected path that would see it hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday
The hurricane is expected to continue past eastern Cuba before veering north for Florida at the weekend
The Red Cross said it is preparing for 'a major humanitarian response' after the worrying forecasts
Mandatory evacuations were ordered in the Florida Keys and parts of Miami on Wednesday

After causing wide spread devastation in Carribean Islands, Irma is moving towards USA, which will touch down at Florida by saturday night.
The Hurricane is expected to pass through Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, the Turks & Caicos and parts of the Bahamas to reach USA

The US National Weather Service said Puerto Rico had not seen a hurricane of Irma's magnitude since Hurricane San Felipe in 1928, which killed a total of 2,748 people in Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Florida.
US President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands and Florida where he said the outlook was 'not good.'

*Story is continuously developing....



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