How to Use Speech Recognition with Windows 7


7 Apr 2011
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*First of all, there is a hardware issue. One needs a very good microphone. Avoid cheaper microphones since they tend to pick up a lot of background
*Secondly create a voice profile and train the computer to identify the speaker’s voice and pronunciation. There is a speech training tutorial..

-> Click the Start button

->Click Control Panel

-> Click Ease of Access

-> Click Speech Recognition

->Click Take Speech Tutorial

*And finally, speak clearly and pronounce your words carefully, not too fast or too slow.


Key Features of Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is separated into the following categories:
Multiple languages: Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista is available in eight languages/dialects: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
“How do I” help: If one says “How do I…” do, or make, or find … a task that one wants to perform with the computer, the software will respond accordingly. For example, “How do I change my desktop theme?”
Correction: One is able to fix incorrectly recognized words by selecting from alternatives provided for the dictated phrase or word, or by spelling the word.
Dictation: Address e-mails and documents by dictation; make corrections, and save the work.
Adaptation: Modification and adaptation to speaking styles and accents. The software learns and improves the interaction with the computer
Command: This is the “Say what you see” feature. It enables one to naturally control applications and complete tasks. Among such them are launching documents or applications, formatting, saving or deleting documents.
Disambiguation: Ambiguous words and phrasings can be resolved with a user interface for clarification. If something can be misinterpreted, the software can clarify it.!!!!
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