How To Improve The Signal On Cell Phone!


7 Apr 2011
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How To Improve The Signal On Cell Phone!
More than twenty years have passed since the inception of cell phones and during these years, the ownership of cell phones has increased massively. It is at a point where 80% of the world's population has cell phone coverage. However, although the cell phone usage has increased, but the technology that is required to provide enough signal has not quite kept up with the demand. This is one of the primary reasons why people experience dropped calls and poor signal.
However, there are certain ways through which the cell phone reception can be increased. But, please keep in mind that your service provider won't fix your cell phone reception just because you want them to. This should be cost effective for them to put up new towers, which will ultimately increase the cell phone reception. Nevertheless, the following steps will explain what you can do to ensure better reception from your cell phone.

Battery- You might think that your cell phone has enough battery power but it uses considerably more battery power while connecting a call than when it is on the stand-by mode. If you find your cell phone is having signal problems, try and keep the battery charged. Landscape - This can be another reason why the reception of your cell phone is weak. The varied landscape like buildings and other such structures can cut off the signal of the cell phone. Instead of making calls from inside buildings, try and move outside to a window. If, on the other hand you have problems getting a reception in the street, try and move towards an intersection as these have better network connection.

Cellular Repeater - A cell phone repeater will pick up low cell signals with its antenna and boost the signal and send it back to your cell phone. If you are having problems in one particular location, then you can install a cellular repeater. However, please note that for the repeater to work, atleast 2 bars of signal is required in the cell phone. These can not only boost the signal strength, but can also improve the battery life as well as the data download speeds.

Upgrade the antenna - If your cell phone comes with an external antenna, you can try and change it to get a better reception. Although changing the antenna won't boost your cell phone signal as much as a repeater, but these are inexpensive and hence can be a practical way of bettering the reception.

Change network - You can also try and change the network. Since all the networks work on their own frequencies, changing to other network can boost that dipping signal strength of your cell phone. Most cellular networks allow you to transfer your phone number when you change your provider, so that is not going to be a major problem. Holding the phone correctly - While holding the mobile phone, don't hold it in such a way that your fingers block the antenna. This can result in poor signal strength and ultimately the call will drop. Always hold the mobile phone upright; instead if you hold the phone in an unorthodox way, like on its side or upside down, then the signal strength will get affected considerably.

* Weather: Weather can also play havoc with the cell phone reception. Arid, humid and lightning can cause a reduction in the cell phone signal.

* Car Amplifiers: Another interesting way to improve the cell phone reception in your car is to boost it with a 12V battery or a cigarette lighter adapter. These can help to amplify the signal strength of your cell phone in your car.
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