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2 May 2011
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in this thread i will tell you a trick of hiding your drives and make it safe

step 1 : open CMD
step 2 : type diskpart
(and allow access in win7 )

a window like cmd will open

step 3 : type: list volume
step 4 : type : select volume "your drive" eg . A B C D

step 5 : type : remove letter "your drive" eg . A B C D

and done

to get it back repeat 4th step
and write assign
replacing remove:tup
RE: plz read : requested by jenitkumar

Isn't this warez?

warez = ban here.
RE: plz read : requested by jenitkumar

lol.your many thread nearly half are hacking or warez.coz of this i am facing probelms in mybb sites too.they have denied the support of me only after seeing your thread.your threads like-igi 2 for free,trick for free gprs and much more more same like that all are becareful this will lead you ban here.

RE: plz read : requested by jenitkumar

thanks but I was just asked you on fb ! but that time you didnt reply and here made a whole thread unbelivable !
^yes but wearz type content.

next time post only if you get something secure and which is a open thing.
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