How to have a good hair day


27 Jun 2011
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And, with the rains upon us, you thought it’s time to bid goodbye to good hair days. Of course not! Agreed that monsoons, kind of, messes it up. But have heart, there’s always a way to style your tresses so they remain healthy and fashionable. Yes, even in monsoons.

B-Town stylist Aalim Hakim, of Hakim Aalim Hair and Tattoo Lounge, has quite a few tricks up his sleeves. He recommends bob for short hair and twisted curls for long hair. “The idea is to not overdo it. Go for a haircut that’s easy to maintain. Do not iron or blow dry; curls will always look sexier than flat hair on a rainy day,” says the stylist.

For that added oomph, Aalim suggests one tries braiding the hair. “You can keep it slightly loose in the front and try out the different kinds of braids out there. Internationally too, braiding is very hot right now,” he informs.

Anita Alva Nambiar, stylist of Al’s Curl Up ‘N’ Dye, agrees, “When you talk about braids, one only thinks of the French braid. But there are various types. Try the asymmetrical braid for a youthful look. Also, it’s difficult to manage straight hair in monsoons. Rains are always on the side of wavy and curly hair because they give a natural wet look effect. So, make the most of it,” she says.

Anita recommends funky, hand-made hairclips and hair bands for short hair. “Pick a big flower and just stick it onto your clip. The 70s’ style is back and how! It makes your hair look voluminous too,” she adds.

And while one might think colouring isn’t the best idea, Aalim feels bright colours like purple or pink brightens up a cloudy day. He even suggests one tries two different shades this season.

Celebrity stylist Sapna Bhavnani, of Mad O Wot, however, feels colouring is best avoided. “Chemical treatment is not ideal for monsoons. But if you do want get your hair coloured, you could go for copper, red or purple, depending on your profession,” she says.

What all these stylists unanimously agree upon is the fact that since the hair catches moisture in rains, it’s ideal to keep the hairstyle simple. A wash, a braid, a band, or a clip will work magic on your hair. Go try them out!
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