How to delete your orkut account ?

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2 May 2011
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Click settings on the top of any orkut page.
On the general tab, click delete my orkut account.
You'll be taken to a page that gives further instructions and a link to delete my account. Clicking this link will redirect you to the "Delete orkut" page of your Google Account.
Check the box confirming that you really want to permanently delete your orkut profile from your Google Account.
Enter your password and click Remove orkut. Your orkut profile will be deleted, but your Google Account will remain active.
step 1 : go to google .com
step 2: click on orkut and sign in
step 3 : again go to google .com
step 4: click on ur account on top
step 5 : go to settings
step 6 : click on on delete my orkut account

soon i will post in pics
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