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how to connect other computer via internet


6 Mar 2011
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u can connect another pc over the ip or by invitation
over ip follow these steps:>

1_Remote Desktop (over ip)
the PC u want to connect it do these steps / right click on MY COMPUTER >properties>remote>CHECK BOX allow computers to connect remotely to this computer,and make another user with passwords on ur pc and add it to SELECT REMOTE USER .

The pc u want to make the connect from it / Start >all programs>accessories>communications>remo… desktop connection> and put the ip of the another pc

2_Remote Assistance (invitation)
go to Start >Help And Support Center >invite afriend to connect to ur pc with remote assistance >invite some one to help >save invitation as file, then make the invitation file and send it as file to the PC u want it to connect to ur pc
Hope this enough help u
Good Luck
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