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2 Apr 2018
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A new OTT movie platform "HIT" launched by a Telugu NRI Mr. Kollu Ranjit and his friend Venkat Yeleti. It works on "Purchase a ticket and view" mode.
It is available in-
1. PC/Laptop/mobile browser
(Presently only in Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers)
2. Android TV
3. Amazon Fire TV stick
4. Apple TV
Not available in Play Store or App Store.

For Viewers - It is a Pay per view option. They have to purchase a ticket for the movie they wish to watch. Once purchased a ticket, it is available for 72 hours to watch it. No monthly/half yearly/yearly subscription required.

For producers- It is a Get per view option. They have to upload their movies to the platform. They will not have the option to sell digital rights but only get share in ticket revenue.

The revenue generated from tickets purchased by viewers will be shared at 70:30 ratio between the producer and the promoters.
At present four small video clips of English movies are available. They are working with the producers to get them on board.
I have downloaded the app in my Fire Stick 4K and watched the clips. PQ and AQ is good.
They are aiming to offer the content in 30+ languages and can be watched in 150+ countries. It seems it is an ambitious project and let us see how they will succeed.
You can sign up at Hit Movie and watch free video clips.




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