Hack Chrome browser, get $1m


12 Jan 2012
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Google's open offer: Hack Chrome browser, get $1m

NEW YORK: Internet search giant Google has announced that it would pay up to one million dollars in prizes to hackers who can expose bugs and vulnerabilities in their Chrome browser.

Calling it a "big learning opportunity," Google staffers Chris Evans and Justin Schuh unveiled three ways in which hackers can win the cash by finding flaws in their technology.

A top prize of 60,000 dollars will go to each hacker who can find a "Full Chrome exploit", a flaw that exists exclusively in Chrome.

The next prize of 40,000 dollars will be paid to those who can find a "Partial Chrome exploit", a bug or flaw in Chrome that may also exist in other programs.

Lastly, Google will give 20,000 dollars "Consolation rewards" to hackers who expose bugs of "exploits" that are not specific to Chrome, but affect users of all Internet browsers, The New York Daily News reports.

"We will issue multiple rewards per category, up to the 1 million dollar limit, on a first-come-first served basis," the Google Chrome Security Team said in a blog post.

Each winner will also score a Chromebook, the report said.

Earlier Facebook also offered incentives to programmers who can help expose bugs.

The social networking giant began giving out "White Hat Bug Bounty Program" Visa cards last year, doling out thousands of dollars to hackers who found flaws and paying them on an exclusive debit card, which can be used just like a credit or ATM card.

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