Guidelines For Reducing Radiation From Mobile Phone


7 Oct 2011
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Govt of India has has issued new guidelines for reducing radiation from mobile phones. Some guidelines for mobile phone users are:-

1. Use the Speaker option/ handsfree (wired/bluetooth) while making a call.

2. If possible, use landline instead of mobile phone.

3. Use text message as much as possible compared to voice calls.

3. Make calls from a place where reception is good.

4. While making calls, avoid wearing metal glasses or having wet hair should be avoided as metal and water are good conductors of radiowaves.

6. Do not carry your phone in the breast/ chest/ pant pockets.

7. People having medical implants should keep the cellphone at least 15cm away from the implant.

The govt also said, operators should reduce the emissions from mobile towers 1/10th of the current standards. No NEW Mobile Towers will be allowed within 1KM radious of existing tower.

On new handsets, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value will be 1.6 watts/Kg now. Previously it was 2 watts/Kg. New handsets that are manufactured or imported in India must follow this SAR value. However, one year time has been given for existing handsets.
This is only for fool people.
Truth is that govt. Has no equipment to test this radiation. So its totally depend on cellular companies. Hence no use of this
source= a news channel.
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