Good News Got a Galaxy Z Flip 4


13 Aug 2017
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This one is a US edition phone. It’s basically my brother’s last year’s phone as he has gone for the newer Fold 5 this year. He has handed this phone down to me

I’m not sure if I’ll use this as a primary because I already have my iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is already entrenched too deep in the Apple Ecosystem along with my Apple Watch, AirPods Max, office MacBook and an incoming iPad in the next few months.

Initial experience has been okayish. Phone is heating up a lot during charging, maybe because I have a US charger, gotta see over next few days how it goes.
The phone is actually very comfortable to hold. Has almost the same width as the Mi4i, my first Android phone after ages of using Windows phones in 2015.

Congratulations on new your phone.
Initial impressions:

Battery: Not even 3 hours SoT (despite AoD turned off), can't even think of gaming on this one.
Camera: Lesser quality than my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Also no camera on the folded screen, that sucks a lot..
Hinge: Not so smooth to fold and unfold. Z Fold 5 hinge is on another level comparison to this.

More importantly, no SIM manager so I can't add an eSIM on this phone :(
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