Google Website Translator allows website owners, visitors to edit translations


2 May 2011
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Google's website translator is certainly an extremely useful tool. Though the tool hasn't been perfect yet, Google has made various attempts at improving the translation system since. Google acknowledges users sometimes run into translations that aren't quite right. In a bid to address this, Google has released an “experimental” plugin, which allows website owners and even visitors to customise and improve the output of the Website Translator, when it is used on the Google Translate site, from the Google Toolbar, or via Chrome.

To start with, add the website translator plugin and customisation meta tag to their website. Use the translator to translate the page into different languages. To edit, hover over a translated sentence to display the original text. Click on 'contribute a better translation'. And then finally, click on a phrase to choose an automatic alternative translation, or simply double-click to edit the translation directly.

“If you’re signed in, the corrections made on your site will go live right away -- the next time a visitor translates a page on your website, they’ll see your correction. If one of your visitors contributes a better translation, the suggestion will wait until you approve it. You can also invite other editors to make corrections and add translation glossary entries,” further explains Google in a blog post.


The new experimental plugin, Google says, is available for free right now. “We hope this feature, along with Translator Toolkit and the Translate API, can provide a low cost way to expand your reach globally and help to break down language barriers,” adds Google.

To learn more about the new feature, click here.

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