Google+ received more than 25mln unique visitors in less than a month, says ComScore


5 Aug 2011
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Google's latest social networking foray, Google+, is breaking records after records. The new social network platform had hit 10 million users within the first week of its launch. And now Google+ has received 25 million unique visitors across the world, surpassing Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in their initial days.
According to the ComScore figures, Google+ service had some 6.44 million visitors in the US as on July. India emerges as the second largest market for Google+ as it has some 3.62 million visitors. The figures released by ComScore are exclusive of mobile usages.
Google+, launched in late June, is Google's newest endeavour in the social networking segment. Its previous attempts, Google Buzz and Google Wave could not compete with the popularity of Facebook, which has more than 750 million users. Google+, however, seems to be turning the tide with a rapid popularity across the world. Google+ is presently one of the fastest growing websites, says ComScore.
ComScore, however, also highlights that the fastest may not always be the best. It referred to MySpace losing ground to Facebook in spite of having a rapid growth in its initial days. In last few months, MySpace has lost a number of visitors.
The news of Google+ hitting 25 million mark comes days after market researcher Hitwise claimed a drop in the number of visitors to the new social network. According to Hitwise, Google+ attracted 1.79 million visitors, down from 1.86 million visitors during the week ending on July 23. One of the notable things said in Hitwise report is that average time spent on site dropped 10 percent from 5.50 min to 5.15 min.

Source : Digit Magazine.
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