Google optimises its search page for tablets


5 Aug 2011
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Google the search giant which is at large also popular for its multifarious apps and cloud services, is now focusing on improving its design, looking to adopt a unification by design trend that was kickstarted with Google+. And now the Internet company has announced it would be optimising Google search experience for tablets. The new and improved search experience will be soon rolled out to iPad and Android 3.1+ tablets across 36 languages.
The new and touch-friendly version of Google Search comes with some notable changes for the tablet form factor. One of the significant changes is the layout of the search results pages. The size of the page contents such as text, buttons and other tap friendly apps has been increased. They now are faster and easy to browse. The search result page can also be viewed in portrait and landscape mode as well.
The nav bar at the left hand side has been replaced with an array of touch-friendly apps at the top. Users can now easily shcuffle between the options such as results, video, images and other options. Google has also improved image search as now one can have enlarged image previews. Continuous scroll and speedy loading of image thumbnails also enhance the viewing experience.

Source : Digit magazine.
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