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7 Apr 2011
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Last year Google acquired Slide, a company best known for its 3rd-party Facebook apps and photo sharing software. It was also founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. Now it seems Slide is reappearing in a different guise running the new website

The idea behind is a simple one: let anyone create a contest for a problem they need solving. In return for the help of the community you offer a prize/reward for solving that problem. So, for example, maybe you have a logo that needs designing, are stuck for what to say at a speech you have to give, or simply want some help writing a resume. Through you can get that help and the winner of your contest earns some cash as a reward for their expertise.

Although from the frontpage it’s impossible to tell who is behind the site, a quick look at the Privacy Policy reveals a email address, confirming this is a Google venture. What remains to be seen is whether people are willing to pay for knowledge and help. Will someone pay for help with writing a speech instead of doing a few Google searches for “How to write a speech” or “Speeches for ??? occasions?”

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