Google Invests in Anti-malware Start-up


7 Apr 2011
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.Google Ventures, the venture capital arm of Google, has participated in the second round of funding for Dasient Inc., a California based Internet security start-up that provides web security solutions to other firms across financial, media and e-commerce sectors. Founded by a pair of ex-Google employees, the security firm has recorded exponential growth with triple digit increase in its customer base.

Dasient had raised $2 million in the first round of funding, which was channeled towards its web security business catering to ISPs, web sites and ad networks. Google Ventures in the new addition to Dasient's existing investors that include Benhamou Global Ventures, Floodgate and Radar Partners. Although the full extent of Google's funding is not revealed, Dasient's total venture funding to date is approximated at just $ 4m.

Karim Faris of Google Ventures explained, "Malware is one of the fastest-growing threats on the Internet today and Dasient has developed innovative solutions that aggressively tackle this problem head on." He also added on Google's role, "We are excited to be working with the Dasient team to help build and grow the company as the worldwide leader in Web anti-malware."

Since no one in the cutthroat corporate world pumps investor dollars in purely for altruism, we wonder why Google's backing a web security firm. Is it to beef up the security of their current web apps from the ever increasing hacking threat, or is Google thinking of introducing some radical new web security product? Only time will tell.
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