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26 Mar 2012
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Almost 10 months and 170 million users later Google's fledgeling social networking initiative Google Plus has gone for its first major makeover.
The most recent changes seems to have been triggered by the fact that in spite of its large user base, people spend very less time on Google Plus as compared to other leading social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.
Google says the new Google Plus is more functional and flexible. Instead of static icons at the top, Google has created a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left, on which users can drag apps up or down, hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions and show or hide apps by moving them in and out of 'More'.


Google has also made the photo display on Google Plus larger than before and also created conversation 'cards' to make it easier to scan and join discussions. There is also a dedicated Hangouts page, as well a new a new Explore page across the Google Plus network.
The new improvements to Google Plus will be rolled out to all users over the next few days. Users can meanwhile get an Overview of what's new in Google Plus.
The initial launch of Google Plus triggered a wave of revamp across Google's Web properties and this new Google Plus redesign will also lead to major changes across the Google network, including Search, Maps, Gmail and YouTube.




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WoW.. Looking cool, thanks Ravi for sharing.. ;)
good info.... but I feel it lacks the punch.

When you launch, it has to be perfect. Launching a failed product and improve it, it still remains a failed product no matter what.
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