'Google building secret lab'


12 Jan 2012
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'Google building secret lab'

LONDON: Google is reportedly working on a secret laboratory at its California headquarters worth 120 million dollars, which the internet search giant will use to test a range of new experimental products.

The new lab, which is already under construction, will include buildings that are screened against external radio waves and can be used to test advanced new wireless projects for the home.

The company has already demonstrated new concepts for the 'Android@Home' brand, which would allow users of Google mobile phones to control light switches, music systems and domestic appliances.

According to The Telegraph, Google is also modifying a separate lab as part of its advanced 'Project X' scheme and is set to include as yet unspecified 'precision optical technology'.

It is also building new anechoic and thermal chambers to test sound and radiation patterns, the paper said.

Google also plans to include a 'Google Experience Center', that would offer meeting rooms and a history of the company's achievements, aimed at major and prospective clients.

The center will be able to cater for up to 900 VIPs, the report said.

The project is part of an 800,000 square foot plan to refurbish Google's campus.

yes !:D Google is evil as they dominate internet i wish DuckDuckGo will lead them as they already giving some fights!
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