Google+ already has an iPhone app, but it’s being reviewed by Apple


7 Apr 2011
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People who were lucky enough to get early invites to Google+ have been able to make use of its startlingly nice Android app since day one, but iPhone users are feeling a bit left out (and who can blame them?). That could change soon, since a Googler let the cat out of the bag yesterday and announced to her iPhone-toting friends that there’s already an app for that. It’s just pending review by the folks at Apple.

Erica Joy posted the information as a public blip on her Google+ feed, and it quickly spread like wildfire. In fact, the information spread so quickly that there probably couldn’t be a better social media test for the service if Google devised one. Ms. Joy, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be acting in any sort of official capacity when she posted the update.

At the moment, Google+ is only available as a web app to iOS users. While Google’s web apps are masterfully done (look at Gmail), it’s still nothing compared to the Android app, which immediately wowed users with its sleek interface and snappy performance.

The vast majority of Google+ users seem to be more than pleased with the service, but it desperately needs a native app for iOS devices in order for it to have any sort of chance against rivals like Facebook. The only question now is if Apple will allow the app, or find some sort of fault in it–which is not at all unlikely since it did take about 2 years for Google Voice to find its way into the App Store.

While Google+ is creeping its way into the ranks of the most popular “in” phones, Facebook began fighting back a bit by blocking a Chrome extension that allowed users to export their contacts from Zuckerberg’s house, and immediately add them to their Google+ Circles.

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