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6 May 2012
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Notification emails are a great way to keep up with what's happening in the Google+ stream: whether someone mentions you, comments on your post, or shares with you directly. It's not always enough to just read these updates, however; sometimes you want to respond right away, right from your inbox. The good news is that starting today, you can reply to Google+ notifications from Gmail.

On the desktop, in addition to adding people to circles, and viewing recent Google+ content in the people widget, Google is now making Google+ notification emails in Gmail completely interactive:
You can view, comment on, and +1 posts from inside your inbox
Your comments appear in the Google+ stream in real-time, and
Responses from others instantly appear in Gmail, as part of the notification message


You can also reply to notifications from your mobile device (and/or POP or IMAP client). Just open the notification email about the post you're interested in, and look for the new prompt, "Reply to this email.” Tap reply, send your comment, and we'll automatically add it to the ongoing Google+ conversation. Even if you don't use Gmail, you can still reply-by-email from many different services.


Google is rolling out all of these features over the next week to users who've upgraded to Google+. In the meantime, you can adjust which Google+ notification emails you want to receive via your Google+ settings.

Via Official Gmail Blog
adtv2012 said:
Still i love old gmail.It is slow in slow internet connection but old one was fast.Please tell how to get old one?

on the right top corner of ur inbox, click the gear symbol and choose.. revert to old gmail temporarily

or while the gmail is loading click switch to basic html view... it will work fine on slow connections
adtv2012 said:
Please post a pic, i am not getting any option there.


and i have already upgraded to the new Gmail and disabled the old gmail, so i will not have the option in my gearbox to revert. but you should have it somehwere here (if u have not disabled it)

Madhan you are wrong,now gmail has forced the new look for all and remove the option to go back.
Its great, isnt it. Google + is actually an FB killer, if more and more users come over :)
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