Gigabyte Rolls Out Value Partner Program


5 Aug 2011
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Gigabyte Technology has rolled out its quarterly Gigabyte Value Partner Program (GVPP). The online Q1 2012 GVPP, valid till March 31, 2012, is open for registered reseller partners who buy any model of Gigabyte motherboards from the company’s authorized distributors and Gigabyte premium partners.

Partners need to register themselves on the GVPP Website on which they have to enter the purchased motherboards’ serial and check numbers to win reward points.

The prizes in offer range from 10-gram gold coins to Gigabyte motherboards. The other prizes include 5-gram gold coins, laptop bags, 8 GB and 4 GB pen drives and so on.

The validity period of the GVPP points is one year from the day partners earn the points. Moreover, points earned before 2011 will be valid till December 31, 2012.

“By including all Gigabyte motherboard models under the scheme, we intend to reward as many partners as possible, who would like to deal in Gigabyte motherboards. This new scheme will also benefit resellers in the upcountry market, who generally do not purchase in huge numbers. Resellers in the established markets and metro cities can dramatically improve their RoI by purchasing high-end Gigabyte motherboard models,” said Sunil Grewal, Sales Head, India, Gigabyte Technology.

Source : CRN
Really nice...really really nice...

i wonder why offer gold coins with motherboards. would be enough if they offered a decent graphics or a new age processor or upgrades to RAM...etc
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