Geological Survey of India launches Online Core Business Integrated System web portal


21 Jun 2013
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The Geological Survey of India on Tuesday launched the Online Core Business Integrated System (OCBIS) to efficiently manage and share quality geo-scientific data through digital channels for socio-economic and scientific gain. GSI maps, reports, data will be put in public domain so that the information is utilized by all stakeholders. It will help industry users by providing latest data through the web portal and ensure transparency and efficiency. Responsive across mobile platforms, the portal will also let its users tour virtual repositories of resources like 2D and 3D photos of rocks, fossils and meteorites and features natural geological sites for the interest of tourists.

The system will seamlessly integrate all geo-scientific and administrative processes/dataflow in all the survey’s missions and support systems, said M. Raju, Director General of GSI. It will deliver all baseline and exploration pre-competitive data to the Indian and global investors, Secretary from Ministry of Mines Balvinder Kumar said while launching the system. OCBIS has three broad domains. It encompasses an enterprise portal with rich geo-scientific content, ‘Bhukosh’-the spatial data portal and a geophysical data repository, said B. Nageswaran, Project Director, OCBIS.

It also consists of a ‘Virtual Museum’ of geological artifacts like rocks, minerals, fossils with 3D displays. The geo-tourism section will highlight natural geological monuments for tourists. The system has been linked with social networking sites for popularizing geology as a subject as well as to showcase the Survey’s activities. It also enables geo-scientists in field and laboratories to explore, observe, consult and make decisions using the spatial data service, which serves existing data in the form of maps, reports and publications.

The infrastructure will ensure preservation of all data-field, laboratory and final processed information digitally. In tandem with the digital progress, all field survey data for GSI studies will be recorded on digital devices. Balvinder Kumar also urged the GSI to go paperless in the next two to three months.

Geological Survey of India launches ‘Online Core Business Integrated System’ web portal
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