Firefox 6 released


5 Aug 2011
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Mozilla has made its second rapid release; Firefox 6 is now available for download. As expected from this new release process, there aren’t any major groundbreaking changes; however the browser does bring a number of interesting new features.
There are many minor improvements throughout the Firefox experience in Firefox 6, and even a few features that are entirely new.
Firefox 6 should now load much faster if you are using Panorama. Firefox will no longer load tabs that are part of inactive Panorama groups. This means that your browser starts faster and becomes responsive faster as fewer websites are loaded to begin with. If you switch to a panorama group after loading Firefox, it will then begin loading tabs from that group.
Users who haven’t used Firefox Sync will notice that Firefox will now promote the Firefox Sync feature while saving passwords or saving bookmarks.

Source : Digit magazine.
My Firefox auto-upgraded to 6.0 yesterday.
No visible change as of now.
I don't use password manager so no Firefox Sync feature promotion noted...I used bookmark but no change...
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