Failed Transactions on IRCTC Rail Connect App from few weeks

How was the IRCTC Rail Connect App Tickets booking experience from past few weeks?

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Mahesh Reddy

28 Nov 2018
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Today I had made a Ticket booking for my parents on IRCTC Rail Connect App. The App was quite unresponsive but still I had made the Transaction, did the Payment but Still the Status was Not Booked.


The above screenshot proves that the Payment was successful. But The App got unresponsive in the Background and the Transaction was cancelled. I have a 75 mbps Wifi at Home also Payment process was instant and hardly few seconds to process.
This Problem is not just faced by me Google Play Store is filled with similar experiences by multiple users.






This is a really a frustrating problem as we need pay extra charges for the payment service used around Rs10 to Rs20+ GST, and still this issues are created. The IRCTC app also doesn't have a customer help section for issue resolution. They expect everyone to mail to them.
Indian Railways really needs to work on this problem if they ever expect to grow digitally or else the Offline Railway Station route is just a waiting game but no frustration due to payment issues.
Bro instead of going through Rail Connect App , use IRCTC website or even Trainman app .
I do use IRCTC website for most of my bookings, But the mobile App is creating a mess recently. Hence wanted to highlight the issue as the refund process is long and the bugs are not resolved, frustrating to use.
I have stopped using IRCTC app long ago. I mostly use Amazon Pay and PayTM. Infact Amazon has even stopped taking service charges nowadays.
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