Facebook India to court: Not responsible for user-generated content


12 Jan 2012
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Facebook India to court: Not responsible for user-generated content

NEW DELHI: Facebook India told a Delhi trial court that the lawsuit against it for hosting 'objectionable' content has been filed "deliberately with ulterior motives" and that it is not responsible for user-generated content hosted on its website.

Facebook's written submission to the court comes just days after Yahoo India said that the lawsuit against it was 'motivated'.

Facebook, which has about 46 million users in India, pleaded before the court to remove its name as one of the parties in the petition saying "it is not responsible for hosting the content that may appear on Facebook.com or any website". It said that it is being wrongly prosecuted under the incorrect description of 'Facebook' and stated that its correct addressal is 'Facebook India Online Services Pvt Ltd'.

"The plaintiff has filed the present suit with ulterior motives to harass Facebook. The present suit is a gross abuse of the process of law and filed with ulterior motive of publicity and causing harassment to it," the company said in a written statement filed before Additional Civil Judge Praveen Singh.

Facebook India also said that it does not control or operate the servers that host the website Facebook.com, which are located in the US.

With 120 million internet users, India is the third largest user base for Facebook. The lawsuit against it is filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi, founder of Fatwaonline.org for allegedly hosting 'objectionable' images of Gods and Goddesses.

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