Every Website Needs SEO

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3 Nov 2010
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Each site we design has built-in SEO – meaning it is optimized for the search engines. Your site will have relevant titles, meta descriptions and meta tags that are different on each page. The way you can tell what is working is to check your statistics. The results are right there in black and white. If there are new phrases that people are typing in to find your site, then consider adding those to your meta tags. Your statistics reveal so much about your website and traffic. If you are getting ready to pay someone for SEO – the first question they should ask you is about your stats. If they do not review your statistics then you won’t have a starting point. We are knowledgeable experts at installing WordPress. Did you know that sometimes the basic install default is set to block the site from the search engines? When we do an install, we use SEO friendly perma links and the all in one SEO pack so you can control the Meta tags. I see so many sites built by a relative or unprofessional that are literally invisible to the search engines. What a shame! A website is of little or no value if the search engines don’t see it. For answers to your SEO questions, visit High Rankings

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