Dual HDMI Monitor for CCTV Surveillance as well as Watching TV


24 Jul 2011
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Hello Everyone

Few days ago some thieves tried to enter our house and broke 3-4 locks of different gates. At around 2:30 in night after hearing hammering type sound my father woke up and screamed at them. Then they ran away hurriedly. So after this incident my father has decided to install CCTV Cameras in my home for our Safety and Security and gave me the responsibility of getting it installed.

Now coming to the other part, We still use 21 inch Sony Wega CRT TV. My father is not in any mood to upgrade to a LED TV as the CRT TV is working fine and he is happy with it. We are also using Airtel Digital TV SD.

So for Watching the CCTV footage of the cameras I need to buy LED Monitor as we don't have any PC monitor and for that decision I need you Guy's Help. I want to buy a LED Monitor with dual HDMI Input port so that one port can be used for CCTV Monitoring and other for watching TV. I will upgrade to Airtel Digital TV HD for that. As there are not many options available with dual HDMI port I have shortlisted Benq 23.8 Inch Monitor, Model Number- GW2470HL on Amazon India. I have provided the link for both Amazon and Benq official website below.


GW2470HL Stylish Monitor with Eye-care Technology | BenQ

GW2470HL Specifications l BenQ

I want maximum screen size possible in my maximum budget of ₹10,000. Any suggestions about any other model of any company are most welcome. I have few questions in my mind, I will be very grateful to you if you answer them.

1. Shall I go for this monitor? Is Benq a good name in monitors?

2. Will I be able to watch TV on it directly on connecting through HDMI port (I don't want to use any TV Tuner) on upgrading to Airtel Digital TV HD?

3. Does Airtel HD Set Top Box support simultaneous output through both HDMI Port and RCA port?

4. How can I connect external speakers for sound from Airtel HD Set Top Box? The monitor has Headphone port for connecting Speaker/Headphone but as many reviews says, its sound output is not that good.

Thank You
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Instead Of Buying A Monitor Under 10,000...Why You Are Not Considering Buying A LED TV Under 10,000 Which Will Have Around 2 - 4 HDMI Ports.
Instead Of Buying A Monitor Under 10,000...Why You Are Not Considering Buying A LED TV Under 10,000 Which Will Have Around 2 - 4 HDMI Ports.

I also wanted to buy a 24"TV instead of monitor but my father will only buy TV of SONY/Samsung or LG and in budget of ₹10,000 none of them are available

Another thing is 24 Inch monitor are Full HD whereas TV of same size are HD Ready
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