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Drunk naked woman creates ruckus in local train


25 Dec 2014
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Drunk naked woman creates ruckus in local train

Passengers of a local train in Mumbai were shocked and humiliated when a naked woman boarded the train and created ruckus.

The woman, under the influence of alcohol, stripped off her cloths and started roaming inside the train. She also shouted at other passengers and created trouble for them.

The incident took place near Thane station on Tuesday, Nov 17. According to reports, the woman, who was in her 50s, boarded the train from Thane.

She got into the luggage compartment. The CST-bound local train got delayed for 15 minutes as she created chaos inside the compartments.

Passengers informed the Government Railway Police (GRP) of Mulund who later arrested the woman, whose identity has not been revealed yet.

Many people took photographs of the woman but did not come forward to help her. However, a few gentlemen approached the stationmaster and informed about the woman.

One police official was quoted as saying, "The woman has not yet informed us about where she has come from, as she was not in the right mental state owing to the hangover."

"We have filed case against her under Section 43 of the Indian Penal Code (Indecency in public place) and are searching for her family members," officials added.

Police have been trying to get CCTV footage of Thane station. It may help them to ascertain the exact time when she got into the train and to find out if she had removed her clothes herself or some other people were responsible for her condition.

According to sources, the woman was fluent in English and seems to be from a good family. However, police did not get any information regarding her family and address.

Mumbai Horror: Drunk naked woman creates ruckus in local train


7 Nov 2012
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where is her video :lol :shy

More such actions shud be encouraged ;) :em



1 Jun 2013
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Rahulan Ratnarajah said:
Indian woman :skd

Don't Under Estimate The Power of Common Indian Woman :lol

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