Draw Something allows users to post drawings on Facebook


2 May 2011
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LONDON: Users of the popular mobile game Draw Something can now comment on their pictures and share drawings.

Other game extras added in today's update include an undo function that lets you correct your last line drawn, a pull down refresh to update your gaming queue and the ability to have a streak of up to 999 drawings (the previous cap was 99).

Dan Porter, CEO of game creator OMGPOP, told technology website Mashable that the ability to chat or comment was one of the most desired features of the game, but proved to be very difficult.

"Chat is a big part of the plan, but tricky because you don't want to break the guessing cycle of the game," the Telegraph quoted Porter as saying.

The comment feature now shows up on the "Drawsome!" page of the game after you've completed guessing your opponents' word.

Zynga, who purchased Draw Something from OMGPOP a few weeks ago for a reported 180 million dollars, have been adding new words to the game relating to pop culture and news events - such as The Hunger Games.

Draw Something is the number one paid app in 80 countries and set an App Store record earlier this month by recording 50 million downloads in just 50 days, according to PhoneArena.com.

Statistics from AppData said last month the mobile game went from 1.7 million daily users to 14.6 million.

Since its launch, Draw Something users have created 6 billion drawings at a rate of 3000 per second.

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