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DoCoMo and Baidu seal mobile content partnership


16 Feb 2012
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Japan’s leading mobile operator NTT Docomo has completed its investment of £14.4 million (1.78 billion yen) – equivalent to 20% ownership – in Baidu Yi Xin Network Technology, its joint venture with the leading Chinese language internet search provider Baidu.

Docomo and Baidu will jointly provide value-added services and digital content for mobile phones in mainland China through Baidu Yi Xin.

Baidu Yi Xin is a content platform provider for mobile phones. Moving forward, the company will enhance its services and content by leveraging Docomo’s experience in providing value-added services with Baidu’s strong brand image and user base.

Starting in August, Baidu Yi Xin plans to provide content from Japan on its platform. For the first batch, the company will collaborate with DeNA, a Japanese provider of social games, e-commerce and other web services, and its Chinese subsidiary to distribute Japan-made content localised for the Chinese market.

Through this joint venture and other initiatives, Docomo is actively expanding Chinese market access for Japanese service and content providers.

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