Discussion Do you think Flipkart and Amazon needs OTP based delivery?

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Do you think Flipkart and Amazon needs OTP based delivery?

  • Don't need OTP based delivery as it causes inconvenience.

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Instead of OTP, they should generate and provide a digital code when the item is shipped.
Customer should provide this code to the delivery guy which he can feed to some system to complete the delivery.

(OTP may not work always due to mobile range issues).
I try to sympathize with Amazon and Flipkart delivery guys who work very hard to earn their livelihood but at times i get irritated with them.I live in a society where the security desk is close 300-400m from my apartment.The issue which i faced multiple times is if the order is prepaid the delivery guys just dump the items at security desk and run away.Few months back i had ordered groceries from Amazon which weighed almost 40-50Kgs and since the order was prepaid the delivery guy just kept the items at security desk and took off.Obviously i was utterly pissed and yelled at my building security guys for allowing the delivery guy to dump the items at security desk without my permission.In short i understood that i should always order with COD to avoid unnecessary BP shootup.
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