Do IT Yourself : Portable Rechargeable Mini car fan

giri photog

31 Dec 2011
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Dear Folks,
when i visited my native i have noticed the frequent power failures and my child was not sleeping during the nights. I planned to make a rechargeable fan with the car mini fan. this will work in AC and DC
please find the attached snaps. the main advantage of this fan is 90 degree oscillation. we can recharge it with the help of transformer shown in the image just insert the AC cable and switch on the power. it will recharge from the transformer inside.


Side view : Battery and fan

Snaps from front ( on off switch and recharging switch )

Side view ( Battery, Transformer - (14-0-14 volt and 2 A for stepping down AC 230 volt to AC 14 Volt ), Center tapping rectifier with Diodes and capacitor ( for converting 14 v AC to 14 V DC)

A close view of Capacitor and Diode ((Rectifier circuit - Full wave center tapping )

A close view of UPS Battery (12 V 7.5 A)

Bushes under Switch board for using over smooth surface like table and Tiles

Photo of charging the battery
I have a 40 w inverter board im planning to keep it inside for attaching a small emergency light also. I am searching for a nice tube holder
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