OTF Exclusive Disney+ Hotstar New App UI and Profiles [Yet to launch in India]


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11 Nov 2019
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We have tried out the new Disney+ app developed by Novi Digital, rolled out in South Africa this week.

APP Landing Page:







Currently, the App is not well synchronized with out native HOTSTAR backend. But the UI is very well polished as well. This app is developed from the scratch and is first deployed in South Africa with scheduled roll outs for other African and Middle East Countries as well... India may soon get it once they incorporate Sports. Now, there are no live sports accessible via this app.

Ps. The Player and Title Landing Page UI will be followed
The Title Landing Pages are now incorporated with the Logo of the show and the seasons details are neatly incorporated. I liked this design which is some what similar to our existing Hotstar UI for Seasons selection.



Player UI.



The Player is modernised now. We have the same existing controls offered by the existing Hotstar app. The thing I liked the most is the ability to navigate around the show or similar titles incase of the movies. The annoying part of our existing app, the watermarked logo is now completely removed and is mimicking Disney+ in that regards.

The auto alignment of the screen based on the aspect ratio seems not to be case anymore. It's leaving the part of the screen where notch is present and with this there will be black bars on all the four sides for general wide-screen formatted ones. Zoom works properly but leaves out spaces on either sides of the screen.
More customisation than our Indian App. But currently the non Disney+ contents are not categorised. Apart from Marvel, Disney, NGC, Star Wars, Pixar section there should other hubs that categorise rest contents - Like Hotstar Originals, Star TV shows etc.
I want to download this app, but don't know how! I couldn't even find a free VPN. I want to use this app so bad 😩
Still no playback speed option? 🙁
Atleast you get profiles here. I fear to login into my Hotstar account on the living room TV. Continue watching is a nightmare.
how everyone in this forum testing this application? I want to use this application. Can anyone help??
I m not getting this update in my real me 4k Android tv ( india). Please share more screenshot about pic clarity and most important does it have 60 fps option in every video ???
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