Dell Revamps The PartnerDirect Program


5 Aug 2011
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Dell has revamped its PartnerDirect Program, and announced a 3-tier program to recognize partner contributions. The vendor has also strengthened its newly-created Global Commercial Channels (GCC) group by beefing up team strength and appointing channel account managers across all major territories.

The new PartnerDirect program will now be divided into Registered, Preferred and Premier Partners, with added benefits to partners based on the commitment they demonstrate in each tier.

“This is part of our global revamp as we want to reiterate that we are very serious about our channel business,” said Suresh Reddy, Director, GCC, Dell India.

At the bottom of the tier is the registered partner program, which does not demand any commitment from either Dell or the partner. The partner benefits include registration of up to 10 deals simultaneously, regular discounts, and rebates if they do a certain amount of business. Dell will provide pre-sales support and conduct regular training. Registered partners can also undergo technology and sales certification. According to Reddy, Dell presently has close to 2,200 registered partners of whom 800 engage actively.

Benefits to the preferred partner include a 120-day lock-in period for deal registrations; these partners can simultaneously register up to 50 deals. Dell will offer certification training at a discounted price, and the partner will be listed on the Dell website under the ‘Find a Partner’ link. A preferred partner will be eligible for demo units and POC material at discounted rates, and will have an account manager.

The topmost premier partner level gets all benefits of the lower tiers; in addition, these partners get unlimited deal registration, a 180-day lock-in period for registered deals, and a dedicated account manager.

“We have kept zero barriers for signing up as a registered partner so that resellers can work with us without any target commitments, and based on their experience they can move up the partnership ladder,” explained Reddy.

Dell has also paid heed to partner complaints about the lack of a partner price-list. Informed Reddy: “Although we have a quick-response team to provide pricing for deals registered, many partners have been demanding that pricing be provided before they register a deal. To address this issue we will soon introduce a price configurator which will allow partners to go to the website and get the price quote immediately without having to divulge any details about the customer or register the deal.”

Along with the revitalized PartnerDirect, Dell has ramped up the strength of its partner account managers and pre-sales staff, and over the past six months the GCC team has been increased to around 80 people.

source : crn
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