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Cube26 launches IOTA Lite smart bulb in India for Rs 1,899


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6 May 2012
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The IOTA Lite has a life of 15,000 hours and offers users the choice of 16 million colors. The smart bulb is rated at 7W and offers 500 lumens of brightness and is powered by Bluetooth 4.0. It connects into an existing light fixture without the need for a hub or extra hardware. The IOTA Lite provides weather alert and shows the weather forecast at the user’s location. The bulb can be controlled via the IOTA Lite app that will go live on the Android Play Store on November 6. The app also offers a simple customization option through which users can choose any shade to denote different weather conditions.


Moreover, the smart bulb comes with a call alert feature and it will blink in a certain color for an incoming call. Users can also customize the app and add select contacts to be alerted through the bulb. The smart bulb changes its color and syncs with the rhythm of the music and syncs with the music playing in the user’s smartphone. Another important feature of the device is that with preset modes users can adjust light according to their mood with the help of different preset modes like reading mode, relaxation mode, party mode and more. They can define their party mode and have Lite cycle through different colors at random or use the blue, green and purple colors.

Highlights of the IOTA Lite smart bulb

  • Can adjust the brightness of Lite using their smart phone
  • Uses LED technology which consumes one tenth the energy of a traditional bulb
  • Lifespan: up to 15000 hours
  • Connect up to 7 bulbs control them on a smart device.
  • Set lights to turn on and off
  • Compatible with devices running on Android version 4.0+ and 5+.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Range: 15 m
  • Dimensions: 63*110 mm; Weight:116 g

The Cube26 IOTA Lite costs Rs. 1899 and is available exclusively on Flipkart for Indian consumers from November 6 2015 at an introductory cost of 1499.

Cube26 launches IOTA Lite smart bulb in India for Rs 1,899
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