Cong lawmakers have stopped believing party on Telangana: BJP

26 May 2011
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.New Delhi, July 4 (PTI) BJP today accused the UPA government of misleading the people on Telangana statehood demand and said now even the Congress legislators have stopped believing it.

"The Congress government has only made false promises from time to time. But the people of Telangana are now convinced that Congress is a cheat and only makes false promises.

"The real face of Congress has been exposed infront of the people. Today even its own leaders do not trust the Congress on this issue," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

Ten Congress MPs and over 70 MLAs resigned in protest against government delay in formation of the new state.

Javadekar accused the Congress of "betraying" the people of Telangana several times.

"In 2004, they said they will form Telangana when they had a patch-up with TRS. Later they made an excuse by forming a committee under Pranab Mukherjee. In 2009, they made a categorical statement that the process of state formation had begun but then formed the Sri Krishna committee," Javadekar said.

He said that the government then asked the people to wait till the recent Assembly polls to five states were over.

"We demand that the government should come up with a Bill on Telangana in this Parliament session. The Sri Krishna Committee report should be thrown into the dustbin," he said.

Javadekar said the BJP supports the demand for a Telangana state and if a Bill is brought it would easily be passed with Congress and BJP support. He insisted that BJP will continue with its agitation for a separate state.
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