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2 May 2011
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Technology has drastically changed the mindset of the people. Earlier, people had to do the tasks physically with their hands but now by the help of latest tools and technologies people perform their tasks with these tools. There has been a rapid change in the field of Science and Technology. There are thousands of tools available over the internet and in the market. The competition among software has been increasing day by day. Every tool (Software) is trying to surpass the other tool in different ways.

Here, we will compare some of the leading PDF Software on the basis of their features, functions and costs.

Classic PDF Software:
Classic PDF Software is one of the leading PDF Software. It has some extraordinary features, which distinguish it from other PDF Software’s. The major advantage of CPDF software is that, its cost is very low. It cost only $24.95 USD.

Almost everyone can afford this software. It is elegant, efficient, smart and perhaps the best PDF editing Software. It can convert above 500 files into PDF. It has ability to combine over 600 files into a single PDF. It has extensive features that’s why, I would rate it a number one PDF Software.

Adobe Acrobat:
Adobe Acrobat is a very good PDF Software. Like CPDF Software, it also has some very good features. By the help of it, you can easily create, manipulate and print different PDF files.It has been used worldwide. But the only issue with Adobe Acrobat is that, it is bit expensive and everyone cannot buy it.

It was introduced in early 90’s by Adobe systems. It has number of versions and a wide variety of features related to PDF.

Nitro PDF Software:
Nitro PDF Software is an amazing tool, by the help of which you can create, convert, edit, secure and manipulate different PDF files. It was launched in April, 2005. It is considered as an alternative of Adobe Acrobat.

Nitro has been awarded as the best Product of the year. Like Adobe Acrobat, it is also used all over the world. Nitro PDF Software has also launched Nitro PDF Express in 2007. So, overall it is a good software product as well.

So by looking at the characteristics and functionalities of the above PDF software, we can easily say that, all of them exhibit unique features and characteristics. We can choose among them according to our needs, so next time you deal with a PDF file, don’t forget to try any one of them, you won’t be disappointed.
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