ComHem: "TV Everywhere is the first step towards IP Cable"

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3 Nov 2010
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What developments have you witnessed in the IP cable industry in the past 12 months?

Most cable operators have built out their networks for massive IP bandwidths using DOCSIS 3.0 technology. At the same time, over-the-top players are forcing us to adapt to new consumer behaviour.

What impact is the move to IP cable having on your business?

It will enable us to serve our customers better, by delivering services to new devices and even outside of our footprint.

What technological challenges do you believe remain in the migration to IP cable?

Cable networks are unprecedented for broadcast delivery, and the massive bandwidth available has historically made it possible to keep broadcast TV, broadband/telephony and on-demand separate - in terms of network bandwidth but also on different distribution platforms. IP cable will make more efficient use of the overall bandwidth, but unifying the distribution platforms is a challenge that still remains.

How are IP cable operators preparing to make the Connected Home a reality?

Basically there are two ways to approach this: with a network-centric streaming platform (delivering services to all IP-connected devices in the home over the broadband connection) or through a dedicated home gateway that terminates the present network services (DVB-C and IP) for all-IP delivery in the home only.

How will multi-screen viewing take-up affect the migration to IP cable?

Multi-screen or TV Everywhere is the first step towards IP Cable, and will motivate the operator to establish an IP streaming platform. This will be the basis for further developments towards a more unified IP platform.

Will CDNs have a place in the IP cable universe?

A CDN is definitely needed in order to make the distribution of on-demand content efficient. There are two options: either the CDN is built by the operator within its local market, or it is procured from a third party.
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