Cloud Dominates INTEROP India


5 Aug 2011
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Keynote speakers at INTEROP India started the first day by sharing global statistics on how the business are reinventing themselves or are being left out.

Mike McCarthy, Vice President, Cloud Computing, IBM and Mike Nielsen, Director, Vertical and Solution Marketing, HP Networking in independent keynotes highlighted the importance of the cloud for the businesses, and said that the private, hybrid or the public cloud would dominate the future technological needs of enterprises across the globe.

According to McCarthy, of the ten enterprises that were ranked among the top ten about a decade ago, only two names feature in the new list. The reason: the rest of them failed to reinvent themselves. He said that besides the fact that cloud allows takes to be completed faster and is less expensive, organizations should not look at cloud computing as a technology, but an important concept for a smarter planet.

Quoting various analyst reports, Nielsen of HP Networking disclosed that 80 percent of the traffic will be server-to-server by 2014. “We anticipate 1,000 percent growth in the next four years in the enterprise network because of video. Data center on the cloud, fragmented networks and new services are the new realities of today. And the entire eco system has to be prepared with solutions around these.”

source : crn
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