Cisco Upgrades And Virtualizes Its Borderless Network Architecture


5 Aug 2011
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Cisco has announced a comprehensive upgrade of products and services under its Borderless Network architecture with a focus on virtualization.

A key element of the new architecture is Application Velocity, which will offer a boost in performance, virtualization and application-aware networking. The company believes it is a critical need for organizations looking to adopt cloud computing.

“In India, we expect App Velocity to be extremely popular because of heavy broadband congestion here. We are bullish about the virtualized desktop market and are targeting engineering, financial and real estate sectors,” said Marie Hattar, CMO, Cisco, at the pre-launch media discussion.

App Velocity is not a new concept at Cisco, which offers layer 4 or TCP application optimization but this has now been embedded in the integrated services routers.

Cisco has upgraded its ASR series of compact routers. The new router ASR 1001 has an option to double its performance on-demand from 2.5GBps to 5GBps. It has also added a new small form-factor security appliance to its Adaptive Security Appliance line. The ASA 5585-X combines an intrusion-prevention system with a firewall and VPN support via AnyConnect 3.0. Other launches include the Catalyst 4500E switch and a 802.11n wireless access point called Aironet 1040 introduced at entry-level pricing to target small enterprises.
In the WAN optimization space, Cisco introduced WAAS Express, an on-demand service with layer-4 optimization for small and remote branch offices; and WAAS for Services Ready Engine (SRE) modules with layer 4-7 optimization.
The company introduced UCS Express, a cut-down version of its Unified Computing System for branch offices.
On the services front, Cisco has enhanced its portfolio with the launch of LAN Management Solution 4.0, Smart Net Total Care and Smart Business Architecture (SBA) Enterprise. Smart Net Total Care and LAN Management Solution 4.0 are network monitoring and troubleshooting tools to increase operational efficiency and lower support costs.
SBA Enterprise offers guides to help enterprises create their entire network with the right configuration and hardware combinations. SBA Enterprise will help CIOs dealing with the growing complexity of network infrastructure.

source : crn
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