Cisco Launches Solution For Video Distribution


5 Aug 2011
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Cisco has announced the Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS), a set of video distribution products for live and on-demand video content to end users anywhere, anytime.

ECDS comprises three deployment options: The Cisco Media Delivery Engine 1100 and the Cisco MDE 3100 are network appliances that scale to 500 and 5,000 concurrent users respectively. The third option is the Cisco MDE 50WVB, a software virtual blade that supports up to 200 simultaneous users on a Cisco WAAS appliance.

An instance of Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture, ECDS works together with Cisco WAAS to form a complete WAN optimization solution for video, applications and data. ECDS also supports third-party video applications and endpoints such as mobile devices or tablets. It works with other video infrastructure components of the Cisco medianet architecture like the Cisco MXE Media Experience Engines and Cisco TelePresence Content Server to provide a complete workflow from video content creation to management, delivery and sharing.

ECDS is now available globally, and the pricing starts at $4,395.

source : crn
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